Accepted Submissions

  1. Extended Abstract
    Jason White and Markku Hakkinen
  2. Implementing MODA: A Multi-Strategy, Mobile, Conversational Consumer Decision-Aid System
    Kiana Alikhademi, Naja A. Mack, Kacee Ross, Brianna Richardson, Veena Chattaraman, Wi-Suk Kwon, Juan E. Gilbert
  3. Accessible Voice Interfaces in Self-Driving Vehicles
    Julian Brinkley
  4. Understanding the Use of Voice Assistants by Older Adults
    Margot Hanley and Shiri Azenkot
  5. Designing Accessible Conversational Interfaces for Older Adults: The Case for New Usability Guidelines
    Christine Murad and Cosmin Munteanu
  6. Designing Voice Interfaces for Accessible Crowdwork
    Alex C Williams, Alexandra Vtyurina, Edward Lank, Edith Law
  7. Challenges in Making Situated Interactions Accessible to Motor-Impaired Users
    Sai R. Gouravajhala, Harmanpreet Kaur, Raymond Fok, Walter S. Lasecki
  8. Sensory Inclusive Design for Voice Interfaces
    Mark S Baldwin, LouAnne Boyd, Jennifer Mankoff, Gillian R Hayes
  9. Enhancing Audio Descriptions For People With Low Vision
    Sarit Szpiro
  10. Blind People Are Power Users: An Argument for Centering Blind Users in Design of Voice Interfaces
    Ali Abdolrahmani, Rishin Mukkath, Ravi Kuber, Stacy M. Branham
  11. Considerations and Challenges in Designing Speech and Voice Technology for Children with Complex Communication Needs
    Yao Du
  12. Hands-Free Minecraft Gameplay
    Marcelo Worsley and Timothy Mwiti
  13. Navigating Locations and Screens by the Visually Impaired Using Voice: Limitations and Future Directions
    Yasmine N. El-Glaly